Sunday, December 2, 2012

It is worth watching

Everybody out there knows Apple is one of the best companies in the world, but when it comes to marketing its even better. And more then any form of ad, Apple is great at making Television Ads. It has always been able to give a great peep into there success through there ad campaigns.

Not only that, it has shown users why they should own there product. The dancing tunes as a reason for iPod or the great Apps on big screen for iPad, or the surprisingly simple explanation of features like Panorama and Noise-cancellation in latest iPhone ads, they have always been catchy. Heck, because of there marketing prowess Pixel density in Smartphone screens has gained importance, or the imminent success of Smart-covers.

Of course, there have been some turn-off ads, like the recent Genius ads but there great ones easily outweigh the crappy ones. 

For this reason, a collection of every Apple Ad ever aired has been made on youtube. It is not clear who is the mastermind behind this, but they say they have compiled every Apple Ad into this one neat playlist.
Here are some truly great ones:

The great 1984 Macintosh Ad which is still considered a mastermind and legendary in Advertising industry.

One truly great Facetime Ad.

The ad aired to introduce the iPhone. It was shown during oscars in 2007.

A really great ad featuring Jeff Goldblum.

This collection is really worth watching even if you don't like Apple. They are some really great, creative and interactive ads and you should have an admiration for them. If you find a personal favorite in the collection, let us know by dropping a comment :)


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