Thursday, December 13, 2012

Google's Zeitgeist 2012, year in searches, is live

Internet is everywhere, in our home, in our office. Its at a fingertip's distance most of the time. And Google is one very big part of it. Unless you have been in a cave, surely, you have used Google to search for something. It is the search giant. Keeping that in mind, Google has released Zeitgeist 2012 to outline the things world searched for the most in 2012. Its report reveals trends on a global level but can be filtered to be seen country-wise. It names it Zeitgeist, spirit of the time, every year for last 12 years now.

It has got statistics about the most trending query or the things people searched for. Whitney Houston, who died in February, was the most trending search query of 2012 and unsurprisingly Gangnam Style made it to the top 3. On this website, Google has also listed top search query for various categories such as athletics(Jeremy Lin), events(Hurricane Sandy), images(One Direction) and a bunch of other category-specific trend statistics. As a matter of fact, SOPA was the most popular hash tag on Google+ in 2012. Well, I must say Google has said 'here's to 2012' in its very own way.

Google also made up an amazing video highlighting these trends. All the things, the highs and the lows are there. Its amazing to see the amount of information Google has aggregated in this 2 minutes 46 seconds video.  Lets have a look at it.


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