Monday, December 10, 2012

Google Now to arrive on Desktop soon through Chrome

Google made sure to create a buzz when it launched Android 4.1 Jelly Bean last summer. But one of the highlights, apart from optimization updates and project butter, was launch of Google's intelligent personal assistant app named Google Now, which everyone thought was Google's take at Apple's Siri. Many people wonder how Google Now works. It recognizes patterns in actions made by the user on the device so that it can display more relevant information in form of "cards". It is leveraged system based on Google's Knowledge Graph project which coughs up much more detailed search results by analyzing meanings and connections then without it.

After its recent updates, Google Now has started to look much more tantalizing then ever before to both the Android users and non-android users alike. It has the potential to become a selling point for both the Android Smartphones and Chrome. Also, such system will benefit the whole integrated ecosystem Google wants to build for its Chrome OS. Many Nexus 4 reviewers coined it as the future of Android OS as well as Google.

Up until now, Google Now was a privilege only provided to Android Users on Android 4.1 or latest. But in a recent Chromium Project code revision, it appears as if Google is planning on bringing Google Now to desktops through its Chrome browser using Chrome's own desktop notification system.

In this revision, a log message reveals that a skeleton has been made for Google Now for Chrome.

Google's Chrome browser already has a notification system in place to execute this. The impact of Google Now's launch on Chrome can be pretty massive for both Android OS and Chrome.

Although when contacted, a Google spokesperson said Google has nothing to announce.

While Google is yet to confirm it, its presence in Chromium Code is a very positive signal that this will likely be taken out of the wraps and revealed to the smartphone world.


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