Monday, December 3, 2012

Google employee confirms Android Key Lime Pie name

It was almost confirmed that when Android 4.2 will come out, it will be named as Android Key Lime Pie but Google confused everyone by naming it same as Android 4.1 a.k.a. Android Jelly Bean. Although there logic was correct in naming the versions same as Android 4.1 and Android 4.2 aren't that different feature wise. But this also raised questions like 'What happened to Android Key Lime Pie'. The confusion has been resolved, to an extent, by Google employee Manu Cornet.

He did this in quite an interesting way. He posted this comic on his Google+ account showing evolution of Android Bot in a way that resembles evolution of humans. It starts from a ape like bot and stands erect after Ice Cream Sandwich which is kinda true. At the end of the comic, the last bot holds a Key Lime Pie in his hands thus indicating the latest version's name.

Android 5.0, which is rumored to be named Key Lime Pie, is supposed to be launched at Google I/O conference to be held at next May. Lets hope Google brings some innovative features to Android OS this time again.


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