Friday, December 28, 2012

We all know how big a deal the launch and success of BB10 OS means to RIM and its BlackBerry line. That is why, its no wonder that leaks related to it have been raining lately. First, we got a glimpse of a BB 10 N-series device and then we saw an extensive photo shoot of the BlackBerry L-series, the device which was teased on BlackBerry's website.

Now, an image was leaked which shows not one but two new devices. BlackBerry X10(left) and BlackBerry Z10(center) are the devices to be caught on the camera now. The device to the right is already seen N-series device.

Leaked image

The device on the left, BlackBerry X10, is quite off from traditional BlackBerry designs and feels very similar to HTC ChaCha in looks. The center one is the BlackBerry Z10 and it has a full touchscreen display but it doesn't have the upper and lower plastic stripes like the L-series and is supposed to be rated just below it.

So this makes a total of 4 devices for the BB 10 OS to launch on, lets see how many make it to the final stage when BlackBerry unveils its latest lineup at the end of the next month.


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