Monday, December 10, 2012

Android USB drivers for Windows targeted by malware

Virus Attacking Android

Android is one of the more friendly OSes for both the users as well as cybercriminals. Its boon of open source presence sometimes results in the curse of being easily attacked by cyber-criminals. Since its launch, cyber-criminals have been targeting Android users to connect, modify and earn through ever growing number of mobile devices and tablets. Now, they are targeting certain search phrases such as "Windows Android Drivers" and every link that comes in the path to install and target Android devices.

Its very likely that more then one such search result and phrase is being targeted by the cyber-criminals but one such search result comes up when we search Samsung Galaxy GIO S5660 on Yahoo! . When you open the russian URL it automatically downloads a file install.exe which has been detected as Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT by GFI.

The trojan modifies the Internet Explorer's default homepage to a russian "escort" site. When you open this site using an android device, it doesn't stop there and takes the user to many different malicious site. One of these websites takes the user to a russian site which contains many fake search results. All of these contain links to one of the five fake Google Play Stores which has app names and titles in russian language.

According to GFI: "Thinking that they're on actual Google Play website, it is highly likely that users may end up downloading malware onto their mobile devices". We think "highly likely" is a far fetched thought as the journey began with the search for Android USB driver for Windows OS but still many will fall for the trap. Of course, this isn't the first time Android users are being exploited by the world of cyber crime by using the fake Google Play Stores.

Any way, two kinds of Android Trojan Premium SMS apps are being distributed on these fake Google Play stores. Similar to most Android malware, they send expensive international messages to earn revenue for there creators. Some of them even connect to a Command and Control (C&C) center to transmit data and receive further instructions.

GFI advises:

Although GFI's advice is valid but it leaves one side of the story from the perspective  Windows users looking for Android USB drivers should also carefully filter the sites they download them from and rather on downloading them from Carrier's or the OEM's website.


  1. At the current time malware have different shapes like the viruses, spyware, internet worms, Trojan and few malware and now android OS is on the target by the cyber-criminals. Since the launch they are targeting the android version of OS and in this series they are connecting, modifying and effecting the sell and purchase of the devices which are available with the android platform.

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    1. Yes. And the worst part is it all seems so easy.