Tuesday, November 6, 2012

US iPhone 5 unlocked pricing shows up

As of now, apple store only lets you buy an iPhone 5 in locked formed i.e. carrier locked to any one of the carriers it supports.

Although it has not changed officially but when you search for 'iphone 5 unlocked' on apple.com or apple store, search results give the official pricing of Factory Unlocked iPhone 5.

So, the prices have been unveiled to be 649$ for 16 GB, 749$ for 32 GB and 849$ for 64GB. I guess they are about right as they are exactly similar to those of Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S before iPhone 5 was launched. Although, European prices are about £30 hiked.

So how many are going to go for it. Drop us a comment to let us know your opinion :)

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