Thursday, November 1, 2012

Update [05.02.2013] =  An untethered jailbreak supporting all iOS 6.x versions and devices, evasi0n, has now been released.

So, you have updated to iOS 6, the latest member of the iOS family. Now you want to unlock the full potential and thus want to jailbreak it. Well, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad2, iPad 3, iPad Mini and iPad 4 users can just dream about it for now because there is no method as of yet which enables jailbreaking on A5 or higher based iDevices. But iPhone 4 and lower, and iPad users can have the pleasure of jailbreaking. You can head over to this guide for detailed step by step explanation on how to jailbreak iOS 6 running compatible devices. But as you maybe aware of the problem, current jailbreak are tethered ones which means if for some reason device gets switched off or you have to reboot, you need a computer for it.

Not anymore. Semi-tether jailbreak lets you get all the functionalities sans mail,safari and cydia app even after you reboot. Its not completely untethered jailbreak but its a nice consolation for the time being. As far the limited functionaly issue goes, you can always download necessary apps from the App Store because all 3rd party apps work with the semi tether jailbreak.

Now the main question is how to do it. So here we go with the step by step procedure.

Step 1: I am assuming you have got the iOS 6 running jailbreak-compatible device jailbroken. Otherwise you can head to this guide for the same.

Step 2: Open Cydia. Let it update and load its resources.

Step 3: Goto Manage tab and click on Sources.

Step 4: Click on edit in top-left corner, then add (which just came up in the top-right corner) and enter in the URL box that comes up. When it asks, click on Add Anyway and then let it load.

Step 5: After it has loaded, in the Sources tab click on its(the source we just added above) icon and you will see semitether named package in it.

Step 6: Click on Install and then Confirm in the top-right corner and let it install and then click on Restart the Springboard .

Thats it. You now have a semitethered jailbreak and hassle free way of rebooting your jailbroken iOS 6 device. I know its not like the untethered jailbreak after all it has get limited functionality but for sure, its much better then tethered jailbreak and it also relieves you off the tension of your device becoming useless if it gets switched off and you don't have a laptop nearby. :)

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