Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taliban reveals its PR mailing list

Guess, what just happened. Taliban, yes you read it right, by mistake revealed its whole PR mailing list.

Taliban spokesperson Qari Mohammad Yousef Ahmadi doesn't know the difference between CC(Carbon Copy) and BCC(Blind Carbon Copy) options of E-mail, apparently. This fortunate mishap has resulted in leaking of entire PR mailing list of the group consisting of over 400 email addresses of journalists, members of governments, activists and academics.

To say it in easier terms, Taliban has accidentally given up names of journalists and some much more important people that DID NOT want it to be known that the list has their names on it. There has already been extensive report and analysis by ABC News on the matter. 
This is what the analysis says:
Ahmadi regularly sends out emails to people in his PR mailing list about the groups' recent "activities" but this time he decided to forward an email he received from Zabihullah Mujahid and instead of putting the list in BCC column, he put it in CC column resulting in the leak.

We hope you have never made that mistake. But if you have let me jot down the difference for you. CC is used to mail copies of mails to secondary recipients. BCC does the same except recipients can't see each others name or email addresses. So, if you want to protect your recipients, use BCC.

I just hope no one clicked on the noble "Reply to All" button.
On a serious note, if i were on that list, i'd surely be worried.

Lets hope, Taliban learns from this mistake. :P


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