Thursday, November 29, 2012

State of a 2 month old coverless iPhone 5

Everybody who hasn't been in the cave for last 2.5 months know that this beautiful piece of work, iPhone 5, is a scratch magnet. But people at Gizmodo wanted an exact measurement of how much this phone wears out in regular usage over a period of month.

Gizmodo's Sam Biddle decided to compare two black iPhone 5 after there use over a period of two months to find out exactly how much difference does owning a case for this piece of art makes. As it turns out, quite a much.

Both the iPhones were used like regular phones - tossed in bags with keys, pant pockets and weren't much meticulously taken care of. White version is also prone to scratches but due to its color they aren't much noticeable. iPhone which was used with the case looks like a newly bought one - its all like it should be, like Apple wants it to look. But the iPhone without the case has blemishes and scratches, scratches that are deep enough to show what iPhone is actually made of - Aluminium. Each corner has some defect now and it looks like a thoroughly used iPhone.

Although this may not really matter. To be true, every phone shows wear and tear with time and it should never be expected to look, after some time, the way it looked on Day 1. This expectation only causes you sadness when your phone gets its first scratch or a bump. But hey, that's just my opinion. Many people want to keep their phones like a new born baby and that's their call.

In the end, Scratch-phobes beware before buying an iPhone 5 or get a good looking case.


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