Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rovio Launches Angry Birds Star Wars

I know everyone likes the Angry Birds game where you hit the BAD piggies. SO, to supposedly take it to the next level Rovio has launched Angry Birds' next iteration named as Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is available for download on iOS, OSX, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

The game costs 0.99$ for iPhone but 2.99$ for its bigger sibling, iPad. As usual, Android has two versions : A free ad-supported version being called Standard version and other 2.99$ paid HD version, which in quality does not look much different then Standard version. Also, Windows Phone 8 store has priced it, as it does usually, identically to iPhone store at 0.99$ . It is costliest of the lot on Mac OSX at 4.99$.

After playing it for a while before writing this post, i can say with confidence that it IS NOT any different from Angry Birds Space and sometimes it feels as if only background has been changed which makes it not all that exciting. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i plan to play further too to find if my initial impressions are true or not. Also, i will make a post if i find anything worth noting in the game or anything new at all.

iOS : iPhone | iPad
Android : Standard | HD
Windows Phone 8

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