Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Q1-2013 might see the rollout of Windows Phone 7.8

Everybody is busy in getting ready for Windows Phone 8 devices building an opinion, a bad one or a good one is their own choice. And there are some who adapted for Windows Phone 7 and are now grinding about the fact that they won't be getting Windows Phone 8. But Microsoft already announced a consolation for this by promising to give "Windows Phone 8 like" experience through Windows Phone 7.8 .

Microsoft itself hasn't announced anything yet, but Windows Phone Brasil may have mumbled some great news.
According to Windows Phone Brasil's official twitter account, Microsoft might begin Windows Phone 7.8 rollout in Q1 of 2013. Of course, this may only be true for Brasil but we all know Microsoft won't take long for the global rollout after that.

So, that means we won't be able to play around with WP 7.8 until the next year but lets hope Q1 2013 means January 2013 instead of March 2013.


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