Thursday, November 29, 2012

The reports and analysis for Blackfriday sales are out. According to analysts at IBM, of all the online transactions, iDevices lead the charge with 18.5% compared to 5.5% of Android. This analysis also reveals some insights about Android OS's version-wise distribution. Although Gingerbread is still ahead of all(probably because all low-end android smartphones support only gingerbread and they account for most Android based shipments), ICS is catching up. Jelly Bean is quite behind and older versions of Android are gradually fading away.

NetApplications has come up with a chart, as usual, to show the internet usage, based on device-based browser hits data, for the last two years. It says that the king is still the iPad but when it comes to phones Android is starting to catch up with iPhone based internet usage. Its noteworthy in a way because iPhones were always considered to be internet friendly devices(Apple always touted about that in there Keynotes) but i guess Android is leveling the field.


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