Friday, November 16, 2012

Nokia rebrands its mapping service

Stephen Elop,CEO of Nokia, announced in the San Francisco event that Nokia is re-branding its mapping service and from now on it will be called Nokia HERE. The service is gonna remain same mostly but with added pinch of some cool new features.

There are 4 major new features.

  • Collections
          This feature lets you save your favorite locations in your Nokia account and lets you then access them
          and quickly jump to them on any device you log on using the Nokia account. It is similar to starring
          service of google maps.

  • 3D View
          This feature lets you view 3D view of key and popular locations in the world and is similar to Flyover
          Mode of Apple maps. As a matter of fact, the data supplier for Nokia HERE's 3D maps is C3
          Technologies which is also the supplier for Apple's Flyover Mode.

  • Street View
          Nokia is also incorporating Google Maps-like Street View to its new maps. It has accomplished this
          by acquiring a street mapping company called Earthmine.

  • Maps Editor
          This is a rather interesting one. Nokia HERE lets users edit the names of places and streets, even the
          traffic information, for other users to see. Nokia though this to be necessary in order to make its maps
          much more accurate relative to ever-changing real-world data.

But the best part isn't either of these. The best part is that Nokia is going to launch an app for its HERE service across all platforms,be it iOS,Android, Windows Phone or Symbian.Windows Phone and Symbian will be having integration as they have had before.Also, the iOS version includes turn-by-turn guidance and public transportation information. So, iOS 6 users can now cheer up a bit. According to sources, Nokia's app is ready and is waiting Apple's approval. Nokia will also be giving HERE SDK to Android OEMs so they can integrate within there own apps. A web app for Mozilla's upcoming Firefox OS is also in the works.

I guess Nokia is in a very good mood these days :)

Meanwhile, you can check the service by going to or .


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