Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Microsoft already working on Windows 8 update

We recently reported about the changes Windows Phone 7.8 might have and a possibility that Microsoft may be planning on Windows Phone 7.9 update for the WP7 adapters. Now, there is a new piece of information coming our way. According to latest reports, Microsoft is working on an update to Windows Phone 8, Apollo +. It is supposed to be '.1' update and will be adding some missing features such as VPN support and option for OTA updates. It is also to going to solve some very irksome wi-fi connection bugs that many users have reported.

We are expecting to find out more about Apollo + in the eagerly awaited and upcoming Mobile World Congress 2013.

Apparently, Microsoft din't have enough time to incorporate some features, such as a notification center, and hence they have been missing from the OS. Although these are expected to roll-out gradually in coming updates but due to the poor planning Microsoft Windows Phone 8 has surely scored some negative points in the charts of reviewers and users.


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