Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is Microsoft working on a Xbox Surface Tablet?

Microsoft recently announced the 10" RT tablets line and now reports are coming that it is working on a 7" tablet with the name of Xbox Surface. The difference between this one and past ones is that this one has been built for one purpose, gaming.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is working on a 7" tablet made specifically for purpose of gaming. As per the reports, Microsoft is using an ARM processor with a high-bandwidth RAM, although the specifications can be altered for Intel's SoC. The device is supposed to be running neither on Windows 8 nor Windows RT, instead a custom Windows Kernel based OS similar to the software of Xbox Console.

To those getting confused, it is neither Xbox 720 or the next generation of Xbox console which we have been hearing about for quite a long time.The presence of the Xbox branding may feel interesting at first, but in the end it IS a 7" tablet, a segment in which gaming has already been pioneered by Apple and its store. Even Google PlayStore has rushed quite ahead of the competing UIs. Apple Store and Google PlayStore have gained such a massive lead that it even makes PS Vita moot to an extent.
But still, we can always hope for a game changing innovation from Microsoft's Sillicon Valley office.:)

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