Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In weeks we may get Windows 7.8, Windows 7.9 in works

It looks like Nokia doesn't want to keep the Windows Phone 7.8 under the wraps anymore. "Head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer" suggests that we might have the update before we previously thought.

Microsoft, in Apple fashion, never announced a solid launch date for the much-anticipated Windows Phone 7.8 update which caused all this rumor flow.

Well, nobody gets benefit from crying over the past so moving on, according to recent reports, Windows Phone 7.8 was RTMed and that is the reason why smartphone world is buzzing with the word that it might roll-out within few weeks. This came not long after the leaking of Nokia's in-house training document which had details on the changes it will be having.

Now, if that wasn't enough for you, a rumor, which originated from Nokia Germany, indicates that Windows Phone 7.9 is in works too. If that is true, it will be a very pleasant surprise from Microsoft. We all know that Microsoft promised at-least 18 months support for Windows 8 platform, but knowing that it hasn't forgotten about early adapters of Windows Phone OS is kinda nice thing to know.

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  1. Forget 7.9 Microsoft, bring Windows Phone 8.1 across all your devices... Everyone in the WP world wants apps,much more than specific features like NFC or wireless charging and WP7.8 has very few...

    If Microsoft manages to find a way to offer WP8 across all their devices , they will have some very happy customers...