Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hiding Lockscreen Clock on your iDevice

iPhone lockscreen contains a very large clock. Its good to be able to see time clearly but when we do tweaks and themes it comes in the way. Also, sometimes wallpapers need to have a clear window to be looked at there best. This also helps when we apply tweaks using WinterBoard. This can be achieved by a very useful tweak found in cydia store with the name of Lockscreen Clock Hide. Lets see how to get this done.

Installing Lockscreen Clock Hide

Step 1: As you would have guessed by the mention of Cydia, you need a jailbroken iDevice to install this tweak to. For those who already have jailbroken device next few words do not hold importance but for those who want to know how to jailbreak, you can head over to this guide(for iOS 6 users) or this guide (for iOS 5.1.1 and lower users).

Step 2: After you have gotten a jailbroken iDevice, click on the beloved Cydia store icon. Let it load and reload its resources.

Step 3: Now, go to the search tab and type Lockscreen Clock Hide in it. Click on the first search result and let it load completely.

Step 4: Now click on Install and then on Confirm that pops up after you click Install at its very same place. Now let the installation process happen and then click on Restart the Springboard button when it comes.

Et voila, you have successfully installed the tweak and when your device reboots it won't have the lockscreen clock. One of the mentionable thing about this tweak is that if you want to switch it off and get back you clock then you don't need to remove it. When it installs, it creates a place for itself in your iDevice's settings menu. You can just go there and toggle it 'on' and 'off' as you please. Also, there are 3 additional tweaks inside it so that you can poke at it and find the best setting for yourself.

In accordance with the WinterBoard app found in Cydia store and using this tweak, you can customise you iDevice to a great extent. You can know how to install Winterboard by clicking here.
Here is a teaser of what you can do.


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  2. what theme is that with the time weather date n place on bottom of lockscreen

  3. thanks. im not quite sure what guide to setup inside folder theme 12h-24h means n how to change the milan location at the bottom or even the picture?


      Here you go.

  4. I have used theis tweak but now i dont want this and i uninstalled but now also thats not showing the clock

  5. Hi, i couldn't find this app on my cydia and also i've added david ashman repo too... can you tell me what to do next? i've tried another app 'clockhide' but i still cant hide my LS clock. I'm using iP4 OS6.

  6. Yea... same as Jeffery Fong up there... that tweak no longer seems to exist. I had it on my device before but had to delete mobile substrate because my iPad wasn't booting. Now I look and the tweak is gone... what happened?

    I managed to find some obscure repo that has the app, luckily.

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