Thursday, October 4, 2012

So the respected interbrand's survey is out. This time it has come up with some surprises.
First, for those who don't know what interbrand is, let me help you.

According to their website,
We create and manage brand value by making the brand central to the business’s strategic aims. We’re not interested in simply being the world’s biggest brand consultancy. We want to be the most valued.

Now lets look at this year's list and surprises.


First of all, Samsung now sits at 9th place in the list of world's most valued brands and it is present in top 10 category for the first time ever. Its current valuation is $32.9 billion. So we can safely assume that the investment Samsung made in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note II is starting pay off and not just in terms of huge sales numbers.

Second, Apple now breaths right down the neck of Coca-Cola at number 2 with a massive jump from number 8 last year. Its now valued at $76.5 billion which is roughly 3.3 times the valuation of its direct competitor, Samsung. It is also the only brand with a whopping 129% year over year growth, an achievment in itself.

Lets hope, these companies can keep this up and if possible, maybe even crank it up a notch :)


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