Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The iOS 6 jailbreak situation

So, the iPhone 5 has landed in the smartphone game and with the help of iOS6 it has become big. By being sold in the reaches of 5 million, it has already broken first-weekend sales records. Whats even more impressive is the fact that within one week of getting online, there are 100 million iOS6 subscribers already who, although complaining about accuracy of Apple's in-house maps, are having fun with its new features. But the thing that has been creating even larger ripples is the iOS6 jailbreak situation. So lets get to it after the break.

As any avid Apple or iOS follower knows, it took 2 months after iOS5 launch in October 2011 to get a working untethered jailbreak solution and as we all know, with every major iOS reiteration jailbreakers tend to get some headaches. Now, the case is same for iOS6. Although tethered iOS6 jailbreak is possible for A4(or lower) based iDevices(click here to know how), there is no solution for A5 or A5X based iDevices let alone the A6 of iPhone 5.

As we all know in this cat and mouse game between jailbreakers and apple, jailbreakers have not ever failed. But finding an exploit and being able to jailbreak and install cydia on iPhone 5 just 8 hours after it was launched is an impressive feat of its own. This was achieved by jailbreaker Grant Paul who goes by the twitter handle @chpwn . This was what he tweeted hours after the launch (you can see the date and time of the tweet yourself).

Now, a careful tech enthusiast like me can right away assume photoshop to be the answer of this pic and to resolve such confusions Grant Paul (@chpwn ) tweeted one more pic which is right here.

I know what you are thinking, even this can be achieved by Photoshop but when the likes of @i0n1c and @musclenerd confirm about its reality, i am bound to believe that Grant Paul ( @chpwn ) has done an amazing job. Its obvious that the public release of this jailbreak will be needing a lot of work but to know and be assured that jailbreakers are finding ways to hack into iOS6 is kind of a relief to be true.

Hopefully, we can get our hands on such jailbreaks soon.
Three cheers for Grant Paul, i must say.

[Update: 01.11.2012] = You can now upgrade your jailbreak to Semi-tethered one. Granted mail, safari and Cydia app wont run without a tethered boot but support of all 3rd party apps and ability to reboot is quite a move forward. To know how to do this click here.

[Update: 29.11.2012] = A team named ARB Dev Team(@ArDevTeam) has posted on their twitter account that they have sucesfully jailbroken iPhone 5 and although its a tethered one, its a good news. Also they have posted a video showing iPhone 4S jailbroken. This is getting more exciting. Some are saying it maybe fake but i'll leave it on you to decide. Please tell us in comments what do you think about it?

[Update 05.02.2013] = An untethered jailbreak supporting all iOS 6.x versions and all iDevices, evasi0n, has now been released.


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