Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Intro

Hey guys,
Its my first blog and its first post as well. So lets start with an introduction to myself and the blog.
As you can see in "about blogger" section my name is Anmol Jain and i am a 1st year B. Tech student at the Delhi College of Engineering a.k.a. DCE. I know what you are thinking. Dont get stuck on "1st year". The blog is gonna become an amazing source for all the info you need about smartphones, there hacks and hacks in general as well ( ;) ). Also, there will be general posts regarding computers and mobile phones. I am gonna make all the "cool" and "geek" stuff as lucideus as it can be.
Some "stuff" may already be present on other blogs but with the amount of information and compilation present on this one, i can bet you wont mind making this your most trusted and referred-to blog.

You can mail me your requests for on-request articles at .

As you know, i am a tech enthusiast and not an essayist. So lets skip the part of copy-pasting from google(:p) and lets go at it.



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